Dareen Hakim - About

Dareen Hakim

Born in Beirut, Dareen grew up enveloped in a culture vibrant with the ancient beauty and sensual poetry of Middle Eastern life. Influenced by Lebanon’s dynamic landscape, a magical swirl of archaeological ruins juxtaposed with gleaming contemporary high-rises, Dareen became dually intrigued by the structured mosaic of modern art set against the country’s amorphously rich historical backdrop. This contrast of old and new influences her still today, contributing to the mix of authenticity and modern elegance in her coveted designs.

Sumptuous leathers, dramatic hues, hand-crafted brass metalwork – all form the basis of style behind each Dareen Hakim creation. Celebrating at once tradition and function, her collection enjoys a favored status among women inspired to carry a contagiously cool piece of art, one that instantly communicates both warmth and chic.

Distinctive of the Dareen Hakim Collection are her statement-making metals, telling a story in each bag through the use of contrast again the soft modern silhouettes. An unexpected edge that celebrates the ancient art-form of brass hand-crafted metalwork, the combination of this authenticity with the clean lines of each bag makes each bag a unique story with the right touch of intrigue, class and feminine elegance.


The inscriptions on some of the Dareen Hakim bags reflect the designer’s fascination with the momentous spirit of her childhood. Within the turmoil of the Middle East, she saw people with a incredible joie de vivre, a value for life. This combined feeling of resilience, strength, happiness, love, laughter and appreciation of beauty in life’s simple pleasures left an impression she shares through the subtle scripted messages on some of her bags.

Currently dividing her time between New York and California, Dareen also often travels back home in search of childhood wonders and new inspirations. She can constantly be found sketching designs - elaborate scribbles she will interpret with an eye to creating a handbag every modern woman, young or wise, will want to count as her own.

The Family

Dareen received her MBA from Harvard Business School and developed her skills and discipline on Wall Street, working to advise both young businesses and large corporations. Following an early career in finance an advisory, she decided to transfer her talents into industry and pursue a lifelong interest in fashion and beauty. After managing worldwide beauty brands at L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York, Dareen finally ventured off on her own and pursued her dream of building a one-of-a-kind fashion line.

In her spare time, Dareen enjoys sharing new adventures with her two young daughters, exposing them to all the things she loves from belly-dancing and hip-hop, to culture and global cuisine, to water sports and martial arts, to travel and languages… each of the 3 girls speaking (or learning to speak) French, Arabic, Spanish and of course English. She is also a strong supporter of Knitting Without Borders. To Dareen, life is about learning something new every day and taking in all that life has to offer!