Be a Brand Ambassador

Be a Brand Ambassador

Be a Brand Ambassador

Do you love our handbags and enjoy sharing your latest finds on social media? What if we told you there was a way to blend your passions together AND make yourself some fun earnings on the side? It sounds too good to be true – but we promise you it isn’t! Our Brand Ambassador Program is a way for our dedicated customers to reach new heights with us.

The Ambassador Program is quite simple – once you are approved to be an Ambassador (six (6) month term, with renewal option) you’ll receive a personal, unique discount code that is paired with a link to our website. This code can be shared with anyone you think would love DHC like you do – friends, family, followers, classmates – and anytime someone uses it, they’ll receive 18% off* their purchase on our site.

Not only will the customer be rewarded, but you will too – as a Dareen Hakim Collection Ambassador, you’ll receive 30% off* any initial purchase in addition to a permanent 25%* off for every purchase thereafter. Better yet, any time your code generates a sale, you’ll earn 10% of the profit (meaning what DHC earns after paying for both the cost of the product and shipping) as a flat commission. This commission can be increased up to a total of 20% based on your participation and customer activity.

All that we ask of you in return for these benefits is one (1) single Instagram post per week with us tagged in it. You can post a picture from anywhere - a night out, a lunch date with friends, a special event or even on your travels, as long as you.

1) show off your DHC handbag

2) tag us in the post. We’re excited to see what you can come up with!

And if by chance you have a blog of your own you can earn even more by posting at least one story per month about DHC including links to our products and some photos of you wearing your DHC handbag. Furthermore, we will publish your photos to our social media accounts with links back to your personal blog.

If that sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, please DM US ON INSTAGRAM @DAREENHAKIMCOLLECTION or click on the link below. Don’t hesitate – Our Ambassadors are our social media warriors, and you could very well be Dareen Hakim Collection's newest Ambassador!

*Discounts and discount codes do not apply to sale or sample items. They cannot be combined with other sale offers.

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