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Bronze Python   

The Python Series is crafted with leather that emulates the superior boldness that is represented by the exotic snake. An instant statement piece, and adorned with rich bronze, brass, gold or silver metals. With plaques hand-engraved by metal artisans in Lebanon and silhouettes molded by local New York City leather craftsmen, each individually designed bag represents a raw and original piece. For your very own customized design, choose from various leathers, plaques and inscriptions...

  • Fine Italian leather, contains python embossing

  • Bengaline inside lining in fuchsia to meet your style needs

  • Hidden magnet outer closure

  • 5’’ inner pocket

  • Made in USA

  • Customizable: choose between 4 metal options (gold, silver, bronze or brass) & 4 inscriptions (Wisdom&Strength, Live&Laugh, My Love, or Happiness)

  • Dimensions:  12”W x 6 1/2 ”H x 2”D