The Dareen Hakim Collection: SS12

The Dareen Hakim Collection


Based in New York City, the Dareen Hakim Collection is best known for sumptuous leathers, unique contrasting effects, handcrafted metalwork, and dramatic hues. These elements have widely recognized the handbag collection for its chic, bold, and unexpected statement pieces. The talented Beirut born designer is passionately focused on reinventing each collection to maintain its heralded functionality and fashion, yet imbuing an inventive twist.

The line’s aesthetic embraces a creative overture of shape and style concepts. Designer, Dareen Hakim, engineers each piece with inspiration from her heritage, recent travels, dimensional curiosity, and technical precision. Still for the discerning fashionista, the collection portrays a different cultural perspective yet holds true to the brand tradition of character and personality.

The signature, classic collection sets handcrafted artisanal metals against chic silhouettes to create rare vibrant pieces. Inspirational arabesque inscriptions celebrate the designers vivacious spirit for life; a combined feeling of wisdom, strength, happiness, love, laughter and appreciation of the beauty in life’s simple pleasures. The new collection continues to tell a story, but the setting is now more modern. It features a beautiful yet unexpected warm palette and pops of surprises. The shape and color combinations will evoke new emotions and artistic wonders.

Dareen Hakim handbags retail across 20 countries worldwide and 30 states around the U.S.



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