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The Dareen Hakim Collection


Inspired by the vibrant culture and ancient beauty of her Lebanese heritage, Dareen brings to life an intriguing mosaic of old world authenticity and modern style. This contrast in design shapes her handbag collection’s freshly unique and unusual statement pieces.

Combining the chic elegance of modern silhouettes with a touch of the ancient and rustic, the collection celebrates at once fashion and tradition. Sumptuous leathers and dramatic hues are adorned with hand-engraved metal plaques some artfully inscribed with arabesque calligraphy. Messages of love, laughter, happiness and strength are Dareen’s personal reminders of life’s simple pleasures, and reflect her motivations from early life during Lebanon’s turmoil-stricken days to today.

With their cool art-piece feel, these handbags have appealed to women with a taste for elegant, yet unique fashion statements.

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