Elizabeth Holmes Prison Fashion

The Perfect White Collar Prison Outfit Recently spotted in her low security white-collar prison in Texas.  What is she wearing?  Top: Basic Brown cotton T-shirt, same kind for men or women. Bottom: Basic Khaki cotton pants with elastic waist band, apparently the same kind for both men and women.   Yet, there are no men in…

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V Clutch


This futuristic clutch breaks all the rules; with its smooth lambskin leather exterior and edgy dimensional detailing, right up to its fierce pointed tips.  The V-Clutch or VClutch was originally designed by Dareen Hakim in 2011. It was influenced by her parent’s home country of Lebanon and it’s enchanting blend of old ruins combined with…

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Le Louvre


Dareen Hakim Le Louvre Clutch Avant-garde, playful and ultimately functional, this distinctive triangle comes in white pony-hair with black leather, as well as alligator-embossed leather in mauve, black, or emerald. A wristlet strap lets you carry at your convenience, and however you choose to hold it, that sick metal plaque is a head-turner. The triangle…

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