Elizabeth Holmes Prison Fashion

The Perfect White Collar Prison Outfit

Recently spotted in her low security white-collar prison in Texas.  What is she wearing?  Top: Basic Brown cotton T-shirt, same kind for men or women. Bottom: Basic Khaki cotton pants with elastic waist band, apparently the same kind for both men and women.   Yet, there are no men in this prison.   Both top and bottom are timeless pieces that never go out of fashion.  It is mandatory to tuck in your shirt in prison.  Watch: Basic Casio digital watch with black plastic band and black plastic case.  This kind of watch can tell you the time and date. Same design that was invented in the late 1970’s.  Her hair is done in “just woke up and used my prison issue brush.”  Shoes were not shown.  Eyeglasses are basic plastic framed glasses, with acrylic corrective lenses.  Similar to those worn by Roy Orbison.   Contact lenses are not permitted in prison.  Only most basic of cosmetics are available in prison. She is able to purchase some eyeliner, rouge, lipstick, and other basic cosmetics in the prison store.  But with nowhere to go, and nobody to see it, there is no point in putting on makeup. In prison, the other women do not care if you are pretty.  The paper she is carrying is a new prisoner orientation guide. Her lanyard is her prison ID, so she does not get mixed up with the other sad pathetic white collar criminals.

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